The Saint Paul Downtown Alliance is a new organization that represents downtown businesses, nonprofits, government entities, residents, and entrepreneurs to build a strong and vibrant downtown and create a positive downtown experience.

The Downtown Alliance is the outcome of a year-long community-based process spearheaded by the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation that brought together government agencies, businesses, residents and other stakeholders to create a vision for the future of downtown Saint Paul.


The mission of the Saint Paul Downtown Alliance is to create and maintain a vibrant, economically successful, safe and attractive downtown that benefits the entire city and region by:

  • Recruiting new employers
  • Attracting new investments
  • Creating a great, positive downtown experience

Our Value

When a city’s downtown center is thriving, so are its surrounding communities. We believe that our work to create a strong, vibrant downtown Saint Paul will ultimately benefit the entire city and region.

The District

The Downtown Alliance serves the downtown core, from Lowertown to the West 7th entertainment district.