Support Local

We have a lot of city pride. And why shouldn’t we? Our array of Saint Paul businesses and restaurants are award-winning and beloved! 

When you decide to support local businesses, you invest in our city and help bolster this incredible community we share.

Downtown Saint Paul is home to so many locally-owned spots. From breweries to bookstores, candy shops to wellness centers, our state capitol has something exciting for everyone!

Ready for a Saint Paul adventure? Explore the map below to find your next stop!


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The Benefits of Supporting Local

  • Create more jobs and opportunities right here in Saint Paul 
  • Strengthen our local economy
  • Bolster our local entrepreneurs and their dreams, potentially inspiring others to do the same 
  • Help the environment (typically, local businesses have a smaller carbon footprint than big companies) 
  • Support your community, friends, and neighbors 

When we choose to visit Saint Paul restaurants and businesses, we’re making our home an even better place to live!