The Downtown Alliance was tasked with researching the viability of a downtown improvement district in Saint Paul, based on the results of a year-long, community-based visioning process spearheaded by the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation. Since its formation in 2018, the Alliance has studied and met with other DIDs, and tested the feasibility of one in Saint Paul with its pilot program, Streets of Summer.

In the fall of 2019, the Alliance board voted to move forward with the formation of a district for Saint Paul and acted as a convener of interested property owners to determine the district’s services, programs and boundaries and develop a framework.


The proposed district encompasses Saint Paul’s most prominent artistic, cultural and entertainment venues, along with theatres, restaurants and other attractions that have unique needs. It would also be home to corporate headquarters for several large businesses including Ecolab, Securian Financial, Travelers, CenturyLink, and others. Funds from participating commercial property owners, as well as voluntary contributions from the City, County and other tax-exempt property owners would provide the following services:

Phase One : A downtown fusion center

This collaboration space would support streamlined communications between street ambassadors, downtown street outreach services, private building security teams and the Saint Paul Police department to ensure efficient and prompt responses to issues, emergencies and events occurring in the designated district.

Phase Two : A high visibility downtown ambassador program 

This phase will add eyes and ears to our streets and public spaces in a very public manner, creating a welcoming presence for visitors and dramatically improving cleanliness.

  • Increased bicycle, vehicle and foot patrols by street ambassadors and police
  • Increased cleaning services including sidewalk and gutter sweeping and pressure washing, as well as graffiti and trash removal
  • Curated placemaking activations, such as live music, pop-up art installations and other street-level programming that enhances vitality and community

The district would be managed by a governing board and a district advisory board, representing a cross-section of property owners throughout the identified area.


Interested property owners, with the support of a consultant specializing in DIDs provided by the Alliance, together formed an organizing committee to determine the specifics of a district in Saint Paul.

Clint Blaiser


Julio Fesser

Securian Financial

Dean Freeman

Infor Commons

Todd Geller

Grace Building & Victory Ramp

Matt Majka

Minnesota Wild

Greg Sharpe


Pat Skinner

Wells Fargo Place

Jim Stolpestad

Exeter Group

Kris Taylor


Pat Wolf

The 428 & Golden Rule

Steps to make a Saint Paul DID a reality

To officially form a DID in downtown Saint Paul, petitions must be delivered to the Saint Paul City Council signed by at least 25% of the property owners in the proposed district.

On July 1 petitions signed by more than 60% of property owners were delivered.

On August 26 the City Council will have the first reading of the ordinance. The City Council must vote to approve the district, and that process will take place throughout this summer and into fall. If approved, the district would go into effect in January of 2021.