We’re bringing friendly staff, music, activities and art to the streets of downtown this summer! Streets of Summer is a pilot stewardship program occurring in two priority zones – Central Station and the area round Rice Park, Landmark Plaza and Hamm Plaza – that will help us explore a potential business improvement district for Saint Paul’s city center. In addition to hiring full-time staff, Streets of Summer will offer community activities, art projects and social activations, providing a multiplier effect for all the efforts and investments aimed at building a vibrant downtown. Streets of Summer received funding from the Knight Foundation, the City of Saint Paul Cultural Sales Tax Revitalization Program, John and Ruth Huss, and Dr. Lowell Hellervik.


See a map of all activations happening in downtown this summer.

Street team

Streets of Summer will deploy full-time staff around Central Station, Rice Park, Landmark Plaza and Hamm Plaza to keep these vibrant areas welcoming, clean and safe. Managed by Block by Block, a national organization that operates business improvement districts, the Street Team will pick up trash, coordinate with adjacent businesses and give directions to visitors. While the Street Team does not directly provide security services, their presence will help ensure a welcoming, safe environment.

Check out stats from the Street Team for June and July.


Street music program

Curator: The Minnesota Music Coalition
Project: A variety of musicians will perform four times a week for 60 to 90 minutes a day at locations across the two priority zones.

Mondays : 12:00 p.m. at Central Station

Tuesdays : 12:00 p.m. at Ecolab Plaza

Wednesdays : 4:00 p.m. at Central Station

Thursdays : 4:00 p.m. at Hamm Plaza

Upcoming schedule

  • August 19 : Myra Burnette
  • August 20 : Daddy Squeeze
  • August 21 : Chris Watkins
  • August 22 : Scott Keever

Outdoor art gallery

Curator: Rachel Wacker
Project: Artwork from downtown artists is curated and displayed in the streetscape at the southeast corner of Minnesota and 6th Streets.
Timing: On display now!

Uplift balloon installation

Curator: Alan and Nicole Mary Milligan of The Milligan Studio

Project: A balloon installation will flood downtown Saint Paul with color, allowing pedestrians to walk or sit under a sky filled with zeppelin balloons at Landmark Plaza.

Timing: On display now!

Mosaic garbage cans

Curator: Mosaic artist Daniela Bianchini
Project: Daniela is bringing beauty and vibrancy to downtown Saint Paul’s streetscape by adding colorful art to cement garbage cans in the two priority zones.
Timing: This project will begin in June.

Farmers market flowers

Curator: The Saint Paul Farmers Market
Project: Flower vendors will sell summer blooms to workers, residents and visitors in downtown Saint Paul.
Timing: Flower sales will take place Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as available.